Polymer clay face arches
Polymer clay face arches

Polymer clay face arches

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Applicable only to handcrafted polymer clay and resin jewelry.

No two pieces are the same as every clay earring is individually handcrafted and as such minor imperfections are unavoidable. As much as care is taken to create high quality jewelry these minor irregularities are what makes these handcrafted earrings truly one of a kind.

Do not shower, swim, or sleep with earrings on.

Polymer clay is quite durable when baked right however there are still chances of them breaking. Depending on the thickness of the clay, the pieces are bendable up to a certain level after which they may snap. Please do not bend the earrings intentionally. Take extra care and treat them as you would any other delicate jewelry.

Brass earrings will oxidize overtime with daily use. They can be easily cleaned with Tomato juice or ketchup. Rub ketchup generously on the earrings with a Q-tip and let sit for 20 mins before washing off. Dry gently with paper towel before storing them away for your next wear.

Stainless steel jewelry: All of our curated stainless steel jewelry are made of 314 stainless steel and are hypoallergenic like all of our other jewelry. As strong and durable as they are, please treat them with care as you would any other jewelry.

Acrylic Earrings: These need minimal to no care. Do not have earrings on when sleeping, swimming or in the shower. Acrylic earrings can be cleaned with baby wipes or just washed under cold tap water. Pat dry before storing away in a cool dry place as your regular jewelry.

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